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Woman’s pet rabbit has ‘very expensive taste’ as it eats her Louis Vuitton bags

Sarah Holling said her pet rabbit had eaten expensive designer bags, luxury trainers, and even the hair from her head – and now the singleton doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry

A woman said that her pet rabbit had ‘very expensive taste’ and had ruined designer goods worth more than £2,000 – including a flashy Louis Vuitton bag.

Sarah Holling, 35, loves her pet rabbit, a six-month-old mini lop named Binx, but admitted she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry about his new habit.

She said that he’d eaten the £500 designer bag alongside pricey trainers, and had even started to eat the well-maintained hair on her head.

Now, Sarah, from Derby, Derbyshire, said that she can’t buy expensive garb anymore as it all ends up just being food for Binx.

She said: “He’s probably destroyed thousands of pounds worth of stuff, including my hair. It’s a lot of money when the bunny only cost me £60.

“He chews everything – my clothes, trainers, anything he can get his teeth on basically he’s having a bit of. He’s an absolute nightmare but I love him to pieces.

“I can’t own anything now because it all belongs to Binx.

“I was absolutely devastated about the hair because I got my extensions out last year during lockdown and spent hundreds growing it – all these treatments and everything. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about this but it’s so outrageous, I can only laugh.

“And then the bag – I was literally lost for words. I still can’t believe he’s eaten it. He’s got very expensive taste.

The air hostess said that Binx has also nibbled away at her £140 Kurt Geiger trainers as well as her friend’s £420 Alexander McQueen shoes and has resorted to giving him cardboard to deter him from any more designer gear.

Sarah said: “He stays in a cage overnight but there was one night I’d come back and had a few wines and thought that he’d been really good and I’d give him a try to let him stay out that night.

“I’m a deep sleeper anyway, I wouldn’t have woken up for an earthquake. He took such a lot of hair, like drastic amounts. He would have just been munching away – all night probably.

“I woke up in the morning like, ‘oh my God’. I thought all my hair had fallen out and I was feeling underneath it and was like, ‘what on earth is this?’ I looked in the mirror and had this big chunk out of my fringe and I was like ‘what has happened?’

“My sister’s a hairdresser and she was going through it underneath and was like ‘I don’t think I can show you what he’s done’ and I said ‘why, is it bad?’ and she was like ‘yeah, and I know how hard you’ve tried to grow it, it’s really bad I’m going to have to chop it all off.’

“I did see the funny side to it, thankfully. I’ve not been upset about it because I just think it’s such a strange, hilarious story. Nobody quite believes me that he did that. They’re like ‘what? I didn’t know rabbits ate hair’.”

Sarah predicted that Binx ate around 20g of her hair and she even called the vet out of concern who was equally as stunned.

The animal lover said that her new house is going to be kitted out with a walk-in wardrobe that will be locked at all times to keep her clothes away from ‘naughty’ Binx.