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Inside eerie diner ‘frozen in time’ with cutlery still set on table and dusty menus

An urban explorer has uncovered an eerie and abandoned US diner from the 1950s, which still has crockery on the tables from the last customers ever to eat there

Take a look at this eerie abandoned diner that was recently discovered by an urban explorer in the US.

Gabby, 24, ventured into the disused 1950s diner earlier this year after reading articles about the eatery – which closed after the owners ran into financial difficulties.

And although the diner shut down years ago, the property has been left untouched, and there are still plates, cutlery, and mugs left lying on the tables.

The restaurant – which is in an undisclosed location in the US – still has all the hallmarks of a traditional American diner, including booths with white and red leather seating and breakfast menus on the tables.

Gabby said: “Seeing this location was really exciting for me as it was my first time ever getting the chance to explore an abandoned diner. It is a much more unique type of abandoned place to find.

“I’m always happy when I see that a lot of the original pieces to the location have been left behind – in this case a lot of the dishes, silverware, and equipment for the diner.

“It helps paint a picture of what the place must have been and felt like while it was still active.”

It’s believed the unnamed diner was shut down in the 2010s, but the property itself is a perfectly persevered 1950s-style restaurant.

The eatery even still has much of its old equipment left inside, including a milkshake machine, a coffee maker and various other cooking apparatus.

Gabby added: “This gave the location an eerie and somewhat haunting feel, almost as if everyone just got up and left and never thought about looking back.

“Behind the counter there were countless pieces of equipment left to rot, from coffee pots and condiment bottles to toasters and even old signage for their menu specials.”

The diner has been largely untouched since it was left abandoned, and Gabby insisted she would not be disclosing the location of the restaurant in the hopes of keeping it as preserved as possible.

And although the building was still structurally intact, the woman said it had started to “decay quite intensely”.

The woman shared a video of the “eerie” diner to her 1.5 million followers on TikTok on her account @urbex_muse – and commenters couldn’t believe the site was in such good condition for an abandoned property.

One person said: “I literally don’t understand how this place is abandoned or why.”

While another wrote: “This looks way too good to be abandoned.”

And a third posted: “This might be the cleanest place you have ever been.”

Despite wanting to leave the diner the way she found it, Gabby – who visited the eerie location with her boyfriend, Sonny – did leave a small memento there for the next adventurer to find.

She said: “I was most surprised to see an old letter board that was used by the diner while it was still in operation to list the daily specials.

“Sonny and I actually found some letters still left at the diner and decided to have some fun by replacing a few lines on the letter board to make it say ‘Today’s daily specials – cow’.

“We thought it was pretty funny and that it would be something cool to add into our TikTok videos we were filming of the dinner.”