ayso-624org Posted on 5:15 am

Firefox’s new mobile homescreen makes it easier to jump back to pages you’ve recently visited

Mozilla is updating the homescreen on its Firefox mobile apps to help you more easily jump back to pages you had viewed recently. With Firefox 94, which will be available Tuesday, you’ll be able to see things like your last open tab, recently-viewed bookmarks, and recent searches grouped by topic right on the mobile homescreen.

Firefox 94 is also giving Android users the ability to tailor Pocket recommendations that show up on the homescreen by selecting different story topics they are interested in. According to a screenshot shared by Mozilla, topics include things like technology, health, food, and science. This feature isn’t yet available for iOS users, Mozilla says, though they will still see be able to see Pocket recommendations.

The desktop version of Firefox 94 brings some updates, too, including 18 new themes you can use to customize the way the browser looks for you.