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Bounty bars mocked in Christmas advert that admits most Brits can’t stand them

It’s been a bad week in chocolate news, with the headlines revealing that there won’t be any Celebrations advent calendars this festive season.

Now Mars has added fuel to the fire by issuing a cheeky Christmas ad mocking Brits dislike of the contentious Bounty bar.

It comes as research confirms what we already knew – Bounty bars are the least popular in a box of Celebration.

But fear not – a new scheme will see people be able to return unwanted Bounty Celebrations and swap them for Maltesers Teasers this January.

Bounty bashers in Glasgow, London and Manchester can take part in Bounty Return scheme from the 17th of January.

The initiative was welcomed online, as one critic tweeted: “I thought I disliked Bounty before, but now you’re describing the coconut as “moist”? Good lord.”

Another wrote: “Bounty should be illegal pls.”

But others were touched by the advert – which follows the ‘lonely Bounty’ struggling to find love in a world of people who aren’t fans.

Eventually they find their true love – an equally controversial seasonal figure, the Brussel Sprout.

One woman admitted: “I’ve never related so much to a chocolate before.”

Another added: “Yeah. I just cried about a Bounty.”

“I’m not crying, you are. Team Bounty all the way,” chimed another.

Just over half (52%) of the 2,000 Brits quizzed admitted to picking it last and a whopping 32% admitted that they threw away unwanted chocolates.

Cemre Cudal, Mars Wrigley’s head of Christmas, said: “Our film highlights a love affair between two outsiders – Bounty and Sprout.

“The unlikeliest of couples but, nonetheless, a love for the ages. I defy anyone not to fall in love with Bounty after they watch this heart-breaking film.

“And if after all that, you still can’t bring yourself to love a Bounty this Christmas, we’ll take them back as part of our Bounty Return Scheme in January. Because no Bounty should be left alone at the bottom of a Celebrations tub!’