Man becomes internet hit after undeleted iPad pictures are shared online

Grandpa Ron has become a viral hit on TikTok after his grandchild posted a bunch of snaps from his iPad camera roll which put his hilariously photography skills into question

A man has become an internet hit after his undeleted pictures were found on his iPad by his grandson – who promptly shared them online.

TikTok user @eschultzyy said that his grandad, Ron, decided he no longer needed his iPad so he gave it away and the youngster was more than happy to take it home.

When he looked through it, he found reams and reams of photos on the un-wiped Apple device – all of Ron’s questionable photography skills, as the Daily Star reports.

Whether it’s blurry selfies or pictures of his feet, the grandson now has plenty of images to remember his grandfather by.

The doting grandchild captioned the video: “Rare aesthetic, Ron’s camera roll.”

Opening their new iPad, the grandchild added text to the video that read: “Pov: ur grandpa gives u his iPad bc he doesn’t use it anymore.”

After tapping on the photo app, the grandchild scrolls through a number of amusing snaps.

Hilariously, the majority of the photos were covered up by Ron’s finger.

Grandpa Ron’s camera roll has now gone viral with having racked up 14 million views and 2.4 million likes, and countless comments.

One person commented: “Bro took a photo of every single second of his life.”

Another user added: “Don’t delete these pictures. The only thing I have left of my grandpa are the pictures he took.”

A third person joked: “Thanks for the free foot pics Ron, you’re a legend – pls don’t delete.”

Someone else noted: “Aww he’s so cute.”