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Bartender left creeped out by man’s odd request after he orders drink from her

It might seem like a glamorous job, but bartending has lots of downsides, as one woman showed when she captured a very awkward request from a customer on camera

Working as a bartender is a varied job, where you have no idea what to expect every shift.

Of course, any hospitality job can be tough, with customers ranging from a total delight to absolute nightmare.

So it doesn’t help when you add booze into the equation.

On TikTok, one woman went viral after sharing unsettling footage of her dealing with a male customer who had a rather unusual request.

Kayla Elick went viral after sharing the incident on TikTok on her account @chickfillkayyy, which occurred at 10 a.m. during a morning shift.

The bartender explained that she started filming as she was feeling uncomfortable and “there was nobody else working at the bar besides me.”

In it, the unknown customer suddenly inquires.”Can I see your feet just once?”

“My what?” Kayla responds.

“Your feet,” he repeats. “My feet?” she replies confusedly, before jokily showing them her left foot and shooting a look towards the camera.

At that point, another man interjects to say: “No, those are shoes.”

But, understandably, the bartender refuses to follow the request, as she firmly tells them “I’m not pulling out my feet.”.

The woman shared the clip of their unpleasant encounter to TikTok, where it has racked up nearly four million views.

The encounter left many reeling at the customer’s “creepy” attempt to speak to her.

One viewer advised: “This may pay the bills but find a job where it pays you well and you’re in a better environment girl.”

Another commented: “I worked at a bar for two weeks when I was 19 and it was extremely uncomfortable.”

A third wrote: “10am?? Jesus, too early for that. I’m so sorry you have to go through that.”